Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Prototype in Testing

It is rumored that first Canon full frame mirrorless camera prototype currently is in testing around the world. Canon currently shift focus from DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras, in other words, we may soon see a new Canon full frame mirrorless camera in next several months. The upcoming Photokina 2018 in September is one of the best time for Canon to announce full frame mirrorless cameras. Stay tuned for more info.

Below are some latest specs and rumors about Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras:

  • It has a top down LCD like the Leica SL.
  • The flange distance looks too short for it to be an EF mount, but no lens was attached to the body to be sure.
  • A press of the shutter button in burst mode sounded like it shot over 10fps.
  • There were no markings on branding on the body.

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via: CR